Thompson provides repair, replacement and reconstruction services to qualified homeowners after natural disasters for sanitary and safe housing.

Repair | Replacement | Reconstruction

Restoring Communities
Disasters cripple communities, and it’s hard to find calm after the storm. Thompson Disaster Recovery provides a wide range of disaster recovery services to help communities rebuild and restore hope. We leverage our long track record and deep expertise in industrial and commercial construction and deploy that expertise into communities across the country to help you recover from natural disasters.

Helping Families in Need
We work with State and Federal agencies to return residents to their communities as efficiently as possible in a safe and sanitary manner. We work to get families back into their homes and restore hope.

Delivering Effective Solutions
The Disaster Recovery team is committed to efficiently and effectively addressing the long-term needs of residents and communities through programs designed to help homeowners, tenants, landlords, developers and local governments. 

Thompson’s Statement of Qualifications

Thompson Construction Group and Allied Response LLC, are marquee names in the world of disaster recovery. The team has participated as contractor or construction manager in the comprehensive FEMA and HUD disaster recovery responses to:

  • South Carolina Severe Storm – October 2015
  • West Virginia Floods – June 2016
  • South Carolina Hurricane Matthew – October 2016
  • Texas Hurricane Harvey – August 2017

In each of these disaster recovery events, we have assembled and employed a strategic group of the most reputable licensed and insured sub-contractors to deliver the highest quality of service in an efficient and timely manner. The team will ensure all reconstruction or rehabilitation measures are performed according to local building ordinances as well as state and federal law.

Through its considerable years of experience, the team is qualified and strategically prepared to help your rapid recovery plan go as swiftly and smoothly as possible. Our team has the leadership, commitment, and integrity to ensure the success of our involvement in restoring the families’ homes in your community.

At Thompson, we are a family.